A Numerical Code Within the Bible
It has a lot to do with the 2001's September 11 event,
which was the first countdown event for the end,
one year a time for...
No one knows for how long
but it might be much earlier than 2028!

New Bible Code and 911, September 11

Bill Downie: The September-11 Code
James Harrison: The Pattern & the Prophecy - God's Great Code
Chinese Translation:《超時空的迎候:聖經中隱藏的數字結構》
Del Washburn: The Original Code in the Bible
Ian Gurney: The Cassandra Prophecy - Armageddon Approaches
Lot Tertius 羅徳丟: Roots of All Numerical Code Found! 破天荒的發現:數根和數系
Lot Tertius 羅徳丟: Waking Up to Millenniel Jubilee! 夢醒方知禧

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